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Creative Snap

Lucky for you, there may be no faster way to earn serious money than building websites. To think, quality domain names, can fetch a price of more than $10,000. Imagine that. The problem is majority of freelance web developers are falling short in the income department - satisfied with meager income and leaving the chunkier website deals out. If you’re tired of missing out on the big game, then it’s high time you get your freelance career a serious makeover.

The good news is your timing is just perfect. Honestly, there could be no better time to earn well as a freelance web dev than today. U.S. Censor Bureau points out an overwhelming majority of businesses in the country don’t have a website. Of the 14,441,089 surveyed in 2016, only 3,580,247 own a website. The rest, 10,860,842 businesses total, have nary a shadow of website presence whatsoever. Yes, that number is humungous. Now, if you’re thinking it must be those web developers in a corporate office that’s raking the big bucks, think again. James Knight, a programmer who left a lucrative job at search giant Google, is now earning $1,000 an hour working as a freelance developer.

To attract heftier projects to your end, you need to do a paradigm shift. There simply is no time to be wishy-washy and shy when you’re facing a slew of competitors who may want to vanish you from the face of the Earth just to corner a web development project. Here, we’ve lined up 5 tried-and-tested secret hacks from the most successful freelancers in the industry today to help you out. Applying them (and not just reading about it) should get you closer to those awesome website deals, filling those coffers to your heart’s content – and fast.


1. Obtain a Gazelle Intensity 

Sports pundit Christopher McDougall said it best: “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn't matter whether you're the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you'd better be running.” 

Quite simply, to up your game you need to change your mindset. Attracting serious money to your coding skills is by itself a huge challenge. Attracting serious money in record speed makes that challenge an even steeper climb. Note: If you continue to approach things like you did before, chances are, you’re going to end up where you started – pretty mediocre. 

Of all things mentioned here in this blog, this first secret is the most important. When you set your will on fire, roads will open up to you just like that. 

Remember that a gazelle running away from a lion in chase is running for its life. It has no choice but put its best on the line. If, by any wrong turn it stumbles and slows donw, it’s going to be dinner for the king of the jungle. No doubt about that. 

Quite simply, you won’t be able to land that lucrative deal fast without intense focus. If you’re unwilling to put in hard work like your life depends on it, forget about those precious dollars.

‘Gazelle intensity’ means you need to maximize your limited time and steer away from distractions. Certainly, this is no time to be partying till dawn or watching Netflix till you drop. 

The name of the game is efficiency. Though that doesn’t mean being in front of the PC all day, it means getting more quality work done in a shorter span of time. 

To note, freelancers in the U.S. are earning an estimated $715 billion yearly. While 32% of these freelancers have seen an increase in demand, 15% have seen their demand decrease. Which kind of freelancer do you think is losing market? Or a better question, which kind of freelancer are you? 

 Helpful Hints: Don’t just say you want to earn serious money fast. Be specific. How much? How soon? Use S-M-A-R-T goalsetting. Better yet, cut out pictures of what you want to buy/achieve and lay your plans on the calendar. If you’re having trouble concentrating while working, try FocusBooster app or Rescue Time for a better work-life balance. To guide you through, our “5 Best Tips to Explode Your Freelance Web Dev Biz this 2017” should be spot on.


2. Let the Word Out ASAP 

To get a fast turnaround, you need to let the world know you exist quickly. That’s simply a basic tenet in marketing. Odds are, however, you have far more connections than you are aware of. Staying in touch with these warm leads is key to landing better-than-good website-building contacts. 

First stop, make sure people will find you available to do website-development jobs in your portfolio website. Yes, it would be an uphill battle if you don’t have a website to display your works at this time. If you don’t know what is a stunning portfolio, click here

Next, email people you’ve worked for in the past. These people don’t need a lot of introductions to acknowledge your stunning UI skills. In this regard, don’t forget to attach your website portfolio address as an email signature. Tell them you’re making your services are up for grabs. 

 Helpful Hints: It would be folly not to use social media to help you market yourself. You can promote your services by writing a blog and posting it to your fave social media account. For faster results, you can take marketing tips from marketing pundit Daphne Mallory. Or learn marketing hacks from sales guru Mario Martinez, Jr. Additionally, to steer clear of fatal mistakes, taking a lesson or two from our “Top 5 Pitfalls Every Freelance Web Dev Must Avoid To Succeed!” is timely.


3.Focus on a Niche 

A little math should tell you, you won’t be able to gather serious dollars in a short time if you’re going to accept every website contract along the way. You can’t expect to corner a $4,000-a-month income if you build website projects worth a few hundred dollars or so. Right? 

Settle on a comfortable price you can charge your client. A $2,000 price tag is a good number if you want $4,000 a month take home pay. That means you’d have to say no to projects below that number. 

Warning: If word goes out that you’re building websites below the steep price you’re asking, you may lose those high-paying clients. 

 Helpful Hints: Scour top freelance platforms such as Upwork. TopTal, Guru, Crowded. Choose your projects well. Most of these sites you can bid on. However, if you need to do a formal proposal, take a hint at “4 Proposal Blunders to Avoid to Win More Business for Your Freelance Web Dev.”


4. Max on Pre-Built Themes 

For sheer functionality, pre-built themes will fit your purpose to a T. Note that default Wordpress may be too drab for high-paying clients. A good source of pre-built templates is ThemeForest, an awesome theme marketplace by Envato distinctively for Wordpress. 

You may think building your own theme is worth the risk. When you’re short of time, however, it’s a risk you simply can’t take. And besides, those pre-built themes are just as fantastic – if not better. 

 Helpful Hints:  With a small window to deliver, you need to think strategic. Expand your capacity by collaborating with other freelancers. This is not the time to learn the intricacies of coding new programming languages. Instead, network with your freelancer friends to take on a bigger project. If you find that impossible, you can always hire a team of freelancers to work with you. It may cost you some but at the end of the day it allows you to take on bigger projects. Also, looking at “5 Must-Ask Client Questions Before Building Their Stunning Website!” should speed things up for you.


5. Go the Extra Mile to Create a “Wow” Experience 

This is where you stand out from the rest of the freelancing crowd. Aim to create an unbeatable “wow” experience with your client right from Day 1. This means connecting well from the moment of first contact, when your client was still a prospect scouring for a web dev freelancer. 

Make sure you don’t leave a bad taste in the mouth for every client encounter. It doesn’t matter if it’s on Slack, on Skype or on the phone. Client experience that’s hits the ball out of the park is sure to get you more referrals and repeat business. Enumerate ways to go beyond just the usual. When you do, you’d have assured to greater profits not only this month, but month after month. 

Lest we forget, the “wow” experience should extend to the website itself. Not only should it be appealing to the taste, its functionality should be awesome. In a way, it’s like a car that’s both beautiful and powerful at the same time. 

 Helpful Hints: Ask yourself the question, "How can I create a great experience for my client?” When you constantly look for ways, you’re bound to elevate customer experience to greater heights. If you don’t know how, reading “5 Best Kept Secrets to Awesome Client Relationships in Your Freelance Web Dev Biz” should cut it for you.


TREAT: If you’re still mulling about all these, here’s a real-life example of a freelance web dev who churned $5,000 monthly income building websites part-time using the techniques prescribed above. Feast! 

Attracting serious clients is putting your freelance web dev business a notch higher. It’s certainly the way go. However, you’d do well not to forget to step up your game. Without arming yourself to the teeth, you could be biting off more than you can chew. 

It’s for this reason that we highly recommend you get started with Creative Snap (CS). Our SaaS workflow management platform will give your business the seamless operation it deserves. With Creative, you won’t have to take pains managing your client. For instance, it takes care of scope creep, online proofing and client billing. And that’s just for starters as CS functionality is extensive. 

In short, Creative Snap takes a huge burden off your shoulder allowing you to focus where you need to focus most – building stunning websites. 

And the best part’s it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg to avail of Creative Snap. Truly, with such professional services at your beck and call, you’d be more than ready to take on bigger web projects than ever before! Which simply means, bigger take-home pays for you, too.

See how Creative Snap can totally change the way you do business almost instantly – and how you can strategically position your company for growth.

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