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Obviously, freelancing is never for the weak of hearts. More poignantly so for a freelance web developer. Pressed by the need to strike a delicate balance between a website’s functionality and stunning design, web dev freelancers must bite the bullet to keep paychecks coming - learning to survive with scarce resources and scarcer help right from Day 1.

A new year therefore should breathe fresh air to web dev freelancers, much like an empty canvas to an aspiring Picasso. If only you could maximize on it. As you enjoy greater freedoms in freelancing, however, there’s a danger that you could start on the wrong foot and be led astray by all the misinformation. Or worse, saddle up with not an iota of a plan at all – just a prayer.

We sure would like you to own the year. To do that we’ve taken the best minds and their tried-and-tested wisdom to serve as your guide to widen your horizons and improve your processes en route to an awesome 2017.

Fortune 500 Top Management Guru: Begin with the End in Mind 

To be effective, Stephen Covey espoused thinking first of what end-point you want. Heck, he even encouraged people to think how their funeral should come about – the flowers, the faces of the bereaved, the eulogies.

What’s amazing is the management guru not only was read by millions around the world via his seminal “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies sought his wisdom, applying it to usher timely personal and organizational changes.

This particular nugget of creative wisdom should set your New Year right, steering you away from shiploads of wasted effort, not to mention wasted emotion and finances.

To apply, ask yourself: What are the things that my web dev freelance work should accomplish by year end? It’s important you direct your attention on where your web dev freelancing should lead you. Write it down and take it from there. Better yet develop a personal mission statement. Or for that matter, a vision-mission for your web dev freelance work.

New York Times Bestseller Financial Advisor: Think of the Bigger Picture 

What better way to start your freelance web dev year than to take financial advice from one of the most widely-read financial guru this generation has produced: Robert Kiyosaki. To top all that, the Hawaiian American business leader has amassed quite a fortune himself, making his world-renowned “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” hit a true-to-life testimony.

To note, countless many seek freelancing to better their lifestyle only to fall into disastrous money problems. Kiyosaki advocated everyone to do a paradigm shift to fight mediocracy. And you should too.

Instead of relying on a linear income as a freelance web dev, which more likely than not is on a per hour basis, aim to become an entrepreneur in your own right. That way, your income wouldn’t just depend on your own effort, which to say the least is limited.

To do that, think of the larger picture. Instead of asking how fast you can finish a website by yourself for instance, you can posit the question of how many websites can you build with an amazing team by your side. It may take you develop greater interdependencies, but it’s less heartbreaking than putting all your eggs on one single client account and losing it eventually.

More clients, more income, more stability. In turn, amazing 2017.

Forbes 2017 Advice from Top Entrepreneurs: Reject being Risk-averse

If you don’t venture outside of your comfort zone, chances are you will bit by bit lose the market that you’re currently serving. Strictly relying on one client for instance could set you up for a monumental disaster.

In Forbe’s 17 Pieces of Advice to Carry You Through 2017, ESPN’s notable Jessica Mendoza summed it up neatly saying “Getting outside of the bubble that’s when the magic happen.” Expounding further, the beautiful TV personality quipped,” “We're afraid to jump in until we're 100% sure we can do it and that's not the way to get far.”

Application: Are there markets you’re afraid to tap for fear of being turned down? You could be a small web dev outfit but that doesn’t mean you can’t take on bigger projects. A nifty way to do this is to ask yourself: How can I improve my processes to corner better-paying clients?

Six-figure Freelancers Advice: Build a Reputation 

The best way to be successful in freelancing is to follow those who are ahead of you in terms of financial success, people who know the drill.

Sure, these people had to meet outrageous demands from low-paying clients at the onset. But today, they command a hefty amount of dollars year in year out.

One common theme they banner is the importance of solid reputation. When your clients see the quality of your work, how diligent you get their websites done, they become your most effective sales force.

Brandon Seymour, an SEO authority who has been regularly featured in Moz, Search Engine Journal detail that his quality work led him to land a client that brings in “$40,000 revenue over the course of one year.”

So start right your foray into web dev freelancing by churning out quality output right from Day 1. 

Top Web Designers to Freelancers: Don’t forget the numbers 

This piece of wisdom is taken from people who make it their business to build jaw-dropping websites and succeed in the process. They’ve encountered the ups and downs of the industry and would therefore be in the best position to warn you of its dangers.

One of the first things they put up: Prioritize accounting right from the onset. As foreign as it may sound to you, freelancing boils down to the numbers. Chances are, if you are not diligent in your bookkeeping and organized in your client billing information, things will fall through the cracks and you’d end up shedding precious dollars.

So warns Chris Pointer of Pointer Creative, as featured on Shopify.

Now, if you feel everything seems an uphill climb, perhaps it’s high time you take a closer look at Creative Snap. Not only will it brighten your prospects, its wide functionality should widen your very own core capabilities.

The multi-faceted web development tool is heaven sent for freelance web developers. As a workflow management instrument, Creative Snap takes care of your online proofing, online proposal and client billing - tasks that have been traditionally serviced by individual providers. And then some.

The best part’s you don’t have to rid your bank account of precious dollars just to access Creative Snap. It’s designed with aspiring web dev freelancer in mind right from Day 1.

The end result: You get scalability. Better processes to attract bigger clients.

All in all, we’ve given you 5 thought-provoking viewpoints to get your awesome 2017 started, plus a timely tool to make it all happen.

One last thing, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Please take a look back and refer to our previous blog for details here.

To the stars, through better websites! 


See how Creative Snap can totally change the way you do business almost instantly – and how you can strategically position your company for growth.

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